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Department of Information Technology


Publications produced by research conducted at the Division of Computer Systems during the current year are listed below.

Publications from previous years are archived.

Publications from the Division of Computer Systems

  1. Boosting Constrained Horn Solving by Unsat Core Learning. Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Chencheng Liang, and Philipp Rümmer. In Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation, volume 14499 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp 280-302, Springer Nature, 2024. (DOI).
  2. Reachability in Continuous Pushdown VASS. A. R. Balasubramanian, Rupak Majumdar, Ramanathan S. Thinniyam, and Georg Zetzsche. In Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, volume 8, number POPL, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2024. (DOI, Fulltext, fulltext:print).
  3. Accessibility Concepts to Include Elderly in the Digital World. Oskar Christersson. Student thesis, supervisor: Elvira Boman, examiner: Lars-Åke Nordén, Sarbojit Das, UPTEC IT nr 24025, 2024. (fulltext).
  4. Learning to Learn: Generalizing Reinforcement Learning Policies for Intent-Based Service Management using Meta-Learning. Simon Damberg. Student thesis, supervisor: Hannes Larsson, examiner: Lars-Åke Nordén, Olle Gällmo, UPTEC IT nr 24031, 2024. (fulltext).
  5. Poster: Fault Tolerance with Time Guarantees in Mobile Systems for Extreme Environments. Ahmed El Yaacoub, Luca Mottola, Thiemo Voigt, and Philipp Rümmer. In , 2024.
  6. Data management strategies in the retail sector: Unlocking the potential of cost-effective datamanagement for retail companies. Viktor Gamstorp and Simon Olausson. Student thesis, supervisor: Emil Wengström, examiner: Elísabet Andrésdóttir, Bengt Jonsson, UPTEC STS nr 24026, 2024. (fulltext).
  7. Comparing Service-Oriented Architecture Frameworks for Use in Programmable Industrial Vehicle Displays. Axel Gällstedt. Student thesis, supervisor: Ken Lindfors, examiner: Lars-Åke Nordén, Mohamed Faouzi Atig, UPTEC IT nr 24001, 2024. (fulltext).
  8. Modelling Gender Disparities in Football: The Impact of Machine Learning Models Trained on Gender-Specific Data. Douglas Gådin and Johan Winman. Student thesis, supervisor: Alexander Jorge, Jesper Haglöf, examiner: Lars-Åke Nordén, David Black-Schaffer, UPTEC IT nr 24021, 2024. (fulltext).
  9. Exploring the Cooperative Abilities Between Homogeneous Robotic Arms: An Explorative Study of Robotics and Reinforcement Learning. Tomas Järnil Pérez. Student thesis, supervisor: Didem Gürdur Broo, examiner: Lars-Åke Nordén, Rashid Aligholipour, UPTEC IT nr 24004, 2024. (fulltext).
  10. Sociodemographic characteristics and COVID-19 testing rates: spatiotemporal patterns and impact of test accessibility in Sweden. Beatrice Kennedy, Georgios Varotsis, Ulf Hammar, Diem Nguyen, Germán D. Carrasquilla, Vera van Zoest, Robert S. Kristiansson, Hugo Fitipaldi, Koen F. Dekkers, Meena Daivadanam, Mats Martinell, Jonas Björk, and Tove Fall. In European Journal of Public Health, volume 34, number 1, pp 14-21, Oxford University Press, 2024. (DOI, Fulltext, fulltext:print).
  11. Blades: A Unified Benchmark Suite for Byzantine Attacks and Defenses in Federated Learning. Shenghui Li, Edith Ngai, Fanghua Ye, Li Ju, Tianru Zhang, and Thiemo Voigt. In , 2024. (Conference information).
  12. Non-Negative Decomposition of Multivariate Information: From Minimum to Blackwell-Specific Information. Tobias Mages, Elli Anastasiadi, and Christian Rohner. In Entropy, volume 26, number 5, MDPI, 2024. (DOI, Fulltext, fulltext:print).
  13. FedCau: A Proactive Stop Policy for Communication and Computation Efficient Federated Learning. Afsaneh Mahmoudi, Hossein S. Ghadikolaei, José Mairton Barros da Silva Jr., and Carlo Fischione. In IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, pp 1-1, IEEE Communications Society, 2024. (DOI, Fulltext, External link).
  14. Balancing Availability and Confidentiality in IT Systems Used for Defence. Anton Marhold. Student thesis, supervisor: Kristina Enflo Råhlander, examiner: Roland Bol, Chengzi Huang, UPTEC IT nr 24033, 2024. (fulltext).
  15. ChannelComp: A General Method for Computation by Communications. Saeed Razavikia, José Mairton Barros da Silva, and Carlo Fischione. In IEEE Transactions on Communications, volume 72, number 2, pp 692-706, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2024. (DOI, Fulltext, External link, fulltext:print).
  16. Effektivisering av fakturaklassificering enligt UNSPSC-standarden: en maskininlärningslösning. Elaf Salam and Max Norberg. Student thesis, supervisor: Kim Grandell, examiner: Elísabet Andrésdóttir, Olle Gällmo, UPTEC STS nr 24027, 2024. (fulltext).
  17. A Constraint Solving Approach to Parikh Images of Regular Languages. Amanda Stjerna and Philipp Rümmer. In Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, volume 8, number OOPSLA1, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2024. (DOI, Fulltext, fulltext:print).
  18. On differential privacy for federated learning in wireless systems with multiple base stations. Nima Tavangaran, Mingzhe Chen, Zhaohui Yang, José Mairton B. Da Silva Jr., and H. Vincent Poor. In IET Communications, 2024. (DOI, Fulltext, fulltext:print).
  19. Isolating Drone Frequencies in a Real-Time Drone Detection System. Jonas Teglund. Student thesis, supervisor: Didrik Olofsson, examiner: Lars-Åke Nordén, Ahmed Nematallah, UPTEC IT nr 24006, 2024. (fulltext).
  20. Comparing Real-Time Signal Processing Platforms for Direction Finding in Electronic Support Receiver. Karl Thomsson. Student thesis, supervisor: Daniel Fransson, examiner: Lars-Åke Nordén, Didem Gürdür Broo, UPTEC IT nr 24019, 2024. (fulltext).
  21. Guardians of the Grid: A Comparative Study of Best Practices and Experts' Current Approaches in Cybersecurity for Control Systems. Joel Thyberg. Student thesis, supervisor: Ulrika Jarnesjö, examiner: Elísabet Andrésdóttir, Alexandros Rouchitsas, UPTEC STS nr 24041, 2024. (fulltext).
  22. Secure Satellite Communication: A system design for cybersecurity in space. Lucas Wallin. Student thesis, supervisor: Markus Skogsmo, examiner: Elísabet Andrésdóttir, Alexandros Rouchitsas, UPTEC STS nr 24034, 2024. (fulltext).
  23. Klassificering av resenärstyperbaserat på enkätdata. Kerstin Wärja. Student thesis, supervisor: Evelina Andersson, examiner: Elísabet Andrésdóttir, Olle Gällmo, UPTEC STS nr 24029, 2024. (fulltext).
  24. Predicting COVID-19 hospitalizations: The importance of healthcare hotlines, test positivity rates and vaccination coverage. Vera van Zoest, Karl Lindberg, Georgios Varotsis, Frank Badu Osei, and Tove Fall. In Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology, volume 48, Elsevier, 2024. (DOI, Fulltext, fulltext:print).

Publications from previous years are archived.

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