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Department of Information Technology

Algorithmic Program Verification

The main focus of the research of the group is on specification and verification of concurrent, distributed, and real-time systems. In particular, we develop theories, algorithms, and tools for analysis of programs with large state spaces and model checking of infinite-state systems.



Project leader: Parosh Abdulla
Current members: Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Jonathan Cederberg, Frédéric Haziza, Lukas Holik, Bengt Jonsson, Lisa Kaati, Carl Leonardsson, Philipp Rümmer, Othmane Rezine, Joseph Scott, Jari Stenman, Yunyun Zhu.
Previous members: Noomene Ben Henda, Ahmed Rezine, Mayank Saksena, Sven Sandberg, Johann Deneux, Marcus Nilsson, Pritha Mahata, Julien d'Orso, Aletta Nylen, Niklas Een, Mats Kindahl, Purushothaman Iyer, Gerardo Schneider, Yih-Kuen Tsay

Resources and Activities
  • VR (Vetenskapsrådet) - The Swedish Research Council
  • UPMARC- The Uppsala Programming for Multicore Architectures Research Center.
  • PROFUN- A Programming Platform for Future Wireless Sensor Networks.
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