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Department of Information Technology

Embedded and real-time systems

Time matters in computing


An embedded system is a computer system — a combination of hardware and software — that has a single or multiple dedicated functions within a larger technical system such as a car, an aircraft or a pacemaker. Because an embedded system typically controls physical operations of the technical system, which must satisfy real-time constraints, it is often known as an embedded and real-time system.

Our work focuses on embedded systems design, aiming at developing theories, techniques, and software tools for modelling, verification, real-time scheduling and implementation of embedded and real-time systems. Application areas include automotive systems, industrial robotics and real-time communication in 5G.

Here is the CS ranking, which covers only partially our work.

Research Topics

  • Modelling and Verification (MV)
  • Real-Time Scheduling (RTS)
  • Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems (MRTS)
  • Embedded Software Update (SU)
  • Design Tools for Embedded Software (DT)


  • UPPAAL: model checking of timed automata
  • TIMES: schedulability analysis and code generation
  • CATS: compositional analysis using timed automata and RTC
  • Times-Pro: schedulability analysis using di-graphs

Research Awards

  • Best Paper Awards: ETAPS 2002 (Tool paper, Tobias Amnell et al.), RTSS 2009 (Nan Guan), DATE 2013 (Nan Guan), ECRTS 2015 and RTSS 2015 (Pontus Ekberg), RTNS 2016 (Morteza Mohaqeqi), and RTSS 2017 (Pontus Ekberg)
  • Outstanding Paper Awards (Best Paper Nomination): RTAS 2010 (Nan Guan), RTSS 2010 (Mingsong Lv), RTAS 2011 (Martin Stigge), ECRTS 2012 (Pontus Ekberg), RTSS 2020, RTSS 2021 and RTSS 2023 (Pontus Ekberg)
  • The Oscar Prize 2021 (Uppsala University), Pontus Ekberg
  • IEEE TCRTS Outstanding Technical Achievement and Leadership Award 2019 (IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems), Wang Yi
  • Recipient of KAW Grant 2019 (Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation), Wang Yi
  • Recipient of ERC Advanced Grant 2018, Wang Yi
  • Bjurzon's Premium for outstanding thesis from the Faculty of Science and Technology 2016 (Uppsala University), Pontus Ekberg
  • EDAA Outstanding (Ph.D) Dissertation Award 2014 (European Design Automation Association), Nan Guan
  • The Oscar Prize 2013 (Uppsala University), Philipp Ruemmer
  • IEEE Fellow 2014 & ACM Fellow 2020, Wang Yi
  • CAV Award 2013, Wang Yi
  • Naturvetarna’s Best Swedish (Ph.D) Dissertation Award 2009, Pavel Krcal


The IT department has a Master's programme in Embedded Systems and several courses related to embedded systems, including the following.

  • Real-Time Systems (1DT004)
  • Real-Time Systems I (1DT063)
  • Programming Embedded Systems (1DT106)
  • Programming Embedded Systems, Project (1DT108)
  • Wireless Communication and Networked Embedded Systems (1DT095)
  • Wireless Communication and Networked Embedded Systems, Project (1DT195)
  • Model-Based Design of Embedded Software (1DT059)
  • Accelerating Systems with Programmable Logic Components (1DT109)
  • Introduction to Computer Control Systems / Automatic Control I (1RT485 / 1RT490)
  • Automatic Control II (1RT495)
  • Embedded Control Systems, Project (1RT911)
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