SweConsNet Workshop 2009

The 8th workshop of the
Network for Sweden-based researchers and practitioners
of Constraint programming

Collocated with the SAIS Workshop 2009 on May 27th 2009 in Linköping, Sweden

Constraint Programming

Constraint Programming (CP) is a powerful technology to model and solve combinatorial (optimisation) problems, which are ubiquitous in industry. CP works either via systematic search based on constraint propagation (the elimination of impossible values), or via constraint-based local search. CP is an ideal integration technology for hybrid solving, including also methods from classical operations research, such as mixed integer programming (MIP), and Boolean satisfiability (SAT). CP is now a mature field and has been successfully used for tackling a wide range of real-life complex applications, especially for scheduling, rostering, and configuration problems.

The Workshop

SweConsNet Workshop 2009 will be the 8th annual workshop of SweConsNet, the Network for Sweden-based researchers and practitioners of Constraint programming. SweConsNet is a special interest group of SAIS, the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society.

The purpose of the workshop is to learn about ongoing research in constraint programming, including existing projects and products, and to discuss the further development of the network.

The workshop is open to everybody interested in the theory and practice of constraint programming, whether based in Sweden or elsewhere.

The workshop is informal in nature, and there are no published proceedings. Participants are encouraged to give talks on recent work as well as work recently presented or published at other conferences.


There was a joint invited talk with the SAIS Workshop 2009:

together with the following list of talks:


Attendants were required to register and pay a nominal fee via the SAIS Workshop 2009 registration: there was the choice of simply registering for the one-day SweConsNet Workshop 2009 or registering for the two-day SAIS Workshop 2009.


The SweConsNet Workshop 2009 was chaired by Justin Pearson and Pierre Flener (both of Uppsala University). Contact them if you want to join SweConsNet and its mailing list. Local arrangements are made by Fredrik Heintz (Linköping University).

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