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The Models for Mobility Mailing List (Moca)

The Models for Mobility Mailing List was founded by Davide Sangiorgi. It was managed and moderated by him and Pascal Zimmer until in 2005 Michael Baldamus took over, assisted by Björn Victor. Michael has now moved away from mobility, so Björn is left in charge, assisted by Tjark Weber.

Moca is the mailing list for the pi-calculus and related topics. To quote from Davide's description:

There is already a mailing list on concurrency, but these days it seems exclusively used for job and conference announcements -- no discussions occur. We think that one of the reasons may be that nowadays concurrency is a very broad topic and the concurrency mailing list is very large. Hence one may feel that posting a technical message is out of place and/or intimidating. By contrast, the community for "models of concurrency" is more focused and homogeneous.
A posting in the new mailing list could be a question, an answer to a question, a remark, or a paper announcement, on the theme of models for mobility. There should not be job or conference/workshop announcements; these can be found in other lists.

We are committed to this policy as far as the actual moca mailing list is concerned. However, it became apparent that there existed a popular wish for opening the moca channel to announcements as far as they are of specific interest to the mobility community. Due to the risk of too many announcements becoming a psychological barrier to the the discussions on moca, the moca-announce list was created, in the hope that that would keep moca safe in the face of all possible developments.

So there are now two mailing lists:

The original Moca mailing list, where discussions go.
The subsidiary announcement channel.

moca-announce is subsidiary to moca: everyone who is subscribed to moca is automatically subscribed to moca-announce. You need only subscribe to moca.

moca-announce carries all announcements of papers, scientific meetings, software tools etc. that are deemed appropriate for the moca channel as a whole. If is is not totally apparent from your announcement that it is appropriate, we appreciate if you include a few explanatory words in it.

The moderators may forward your message to the appropriate list if you happen to send it to (what we think is) the wrong one.

Unless you can protect these addresses as we do, to reduce the risk of address harvesting for spamming, we ask you to refrain from using them on your own Web pages, should that ever occur to you.

Archives for moca-announce and moca.

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