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Department of Information Technology

Communication Research


Undergraduate teaching

We are involved in the following courses in the undergraduate programs:

This course is given in three different instances: Twice as a regular course and once as a distance course. The instance that is offered to IT students as part of the course Computer Systems I and to International Master Students in period 1 is given in english. In period 2, the course is offered in Swedish to DV and MN students, but the course can then be taken by anyone. The distance version course is normally offered in swedish.
Regardless of when you take this course, it lays out the foundations of computer networking and give you a basic understanding of how (and why!) the Internet behaves. The course uses continous examination for assessment, which requires active participation from the students.
This course gives you a deeper understanding about different aspects of computer networking. The course is offered in english in period 2-3, and it is a hard requirement to have passed Computer Networks I before taking this course.
This course is to large extents a project course in computer networking. The course is offered in period 4, and computer networks II is required.
This course, which is taught in Swedish in period 3, is part of the STS program and focus on Internet-based distributed systems. In practise, the course contains material within computer networking, distributed systems, operating systems and network security (with a focus on the first two subjects).
This is a course primarily for students within the masters program on embedded systems. Large parts of the course is a subset of Computer Networks II + III, which means that this course can not be taken in combination with any of those. Compared to Computer networks II, focus is on wireless systems and the practical part focuses on embedded wireless systems and sensor networks.

Thesis projects

We are happy to have students carry out their master thesis projects within the research group. Please submit your CV if you are interested. More information about the procedure can be found on this page.

PhD program

There is no general admission to graduate studies within the group. Available positions are announced on the main page when available. Unsolicited applications are not considered.

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