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Department of Information Technology

Embedded Systems

Our goal is to develop theories, techniques and software tools for the
design, verification, and implementation of (networked) embedded systems.
Application areas over smart city, green IoT, smart sport and automotive systems.

Current members

Research Activities

  • Smart City, Green IoT
  • SMT, Verification of Embedded Software
  • Theory of Real-time scheduling
  • Timed Systems
  • Design of Customizable Systems

Software tools

  • PRINCESS, the Scala Theorem Prover
  • TIMES, a tool for schedulability analysis
  • CATS, a tool compositonal timing analysis based on the real-time calculus (RTC)
  • TIMES-Pro, a more efficient version of TIMES
  • UPPAAL, a model checker for timed systems

Teaching Activities

The group is coordinating and responsible for the International Master Program in Embedded Systems (more information on the program), offering the following courses:

Open Master Thesis Topics

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