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Department of Information Technology

UPPAAL Research Group

Currently we are mainly supported by VR (Swedish research council), EC (European Commission) and SSF (Swedish strategic research).

  • CATS (Compositional Analysis of Timed Systems). The goal is to develop scalable methods and tools (based on safe approximations) for compositional modeling and validation of timing and performance properties of embedded systems constructed by components with asynchronous communication and resource sharing.
  • CREDO(Modeling and analysis of evolutionary structures for distributed services) is an European project (IST-33826) funded by the EC. The objective of this project is the development and application of an integrated suite of tools for compositional modelling, testing, and validation of software for evolving networks of dynamically reconfigurable components.
  • SAVE (Component Based Design of Safety Critical Vehicular Systems) is a national programme supported by SSF (Swedish strategic research). The goal is to establish an engineering discipline for systematic development of component-based software for safety critical embedded systems.
  • Artist is an European Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design. We are participating in the cluster of modeling and validation.
  • Times - is a Tool for Modeling and Implementation of Embedded Systems. It combines Rate-Monotonic Scheduling, Synchronous Programming and Timed Automata technologies for schedulability analysis, model checking and code generation.
  • Uppaal - is a tool environment for modeling, validation and verification of embedded real-time system modeled as networks of timed automata extended with data types. We develop the tool in collaboration with BRICS (Basic Research in Computer Science) at Aalborg University, Denmark.
  • WOODDES - is an EC IST project focused on the high level specification of embedded real-time systems using UML (Unified Modelling Language) notations. The project will deliver an environment for the design of embedded systems using, where possible, existing standards, techniques and products. This environment will offer system description and development tools.
  • VHS - (Verification of Hybrid Systems) - is an EC project. It is to develop methods and tools for the analysis of hybrid systems. The project is driven by a number of case studies from process industries, done in a collaborate effort between both academic and industrial partners.
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