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The High-Performance Erlang Project

HiPE was an ASTEC project at the Department of Information Technology (division of Computing Science) of Uppsala University, aimed at efficiently implementing concurrent programming systems using message-passing in general and the concurrent functional language Erlang in particular.

During the period 1998–2005 we were sponsored by Ericsson, T-Mobile, and Vinnova (through ASTEC), while some of the work conducted under the HiPE project was also sponsored by Vetenskapsrådet (the Swedish Research Council).

One of the outcomes of the HiPE project was the HiPE native code compiler for Erlang. We are very proud to announce that we do not distribute it anymore!

This is because since October 2001 the HiPE system is fully integrated in Ericsson's Open Source Erlang/OTP system. You can thus get HiPE directly by getting Erlang/OTP; see the Open Source Erlang page. However, for those who could not wait to get their hands on our stuff, between Erlang/OTP releases we were also distributing snapshots of our current work.

Since 2004, we have also started another related project, the Dialyzer, whose outcome so far is a lightweight static analysis tool that detects software defects in Erlang applications. Like HiPE, Dialyzer is nowadays also fully integrated in Erlang/OTP.
If you happen to have a million+ line Erlang application hanging around that you'd like to find lots of bugs in, you should give Dialyzer a go at it. We will be happy to assist you and/or find out about your experiences.

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