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People currently involved in the HiPE project

Jesper Tobias Richard Kostis Per Mikael

The HiPE Group
The HiPE Group

Associated and past group members

Industry contacts
Björn Gustavsson Erlang/OTP team BEAM compiler and interpreter
Kenneth Lundin Erlang/OTP team Erlang/OTP director
Robert Virding BEAM compiler construction
Erik Stenman Development of the compiler; emphasis on the SPARC back-end
Thomas Lindgren Past project director
Håkan Millroth Initial project director
Master Thesis Students
Jonas Weijden Incremental Collection of Process-Local Heaps
Graduated Master Thesis Students
Daniel Luna / Ulf Magnusson / Christer Jonsson / Olof Lindroth / Niklas Een / Alexander J.-C. Bottema / Anders Lindgren

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