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Department of Information Technology

Programming Languages

Research on programming languages and programming language technology covers a wide range of principles and technologies. Research activities in programming language at the Computing Science division currently includes program analyses and type systems for catching concurrency errors, compiler and run-time technology, as well as semantics of and inference techniques for probabilistic programming languages. There is currently an active collaboration with Oracle on OpenJDK, in particular various aspects of memory management.

For PL-related work at the Computing Science division in the area of constraint programming, see abstractions for stochastic local search and constraint-based declarative modelling.

There is also PL-related work in the Computer Systems division in the UUPAAL group and the algorithmic program verification group.


Senior Members

PhD Students

Graduated PhD/PhLic Students

Former Postdocs

Current Thesis Students

  • Pontus Ernstedt (BSc, reducing out-of-memory errors in ThinGC)
  • Kevin Alemi (BSc, evaluating Rust against the CWE)
  • Ardalan Samimi (BSc, visualising data structures)

Graduated Thesis Students

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