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Department of Information Technology
Uppsala Architecture Research Team

Applying for a PhD position in the Uppsala Architecture Research Team

What we Expect

The Uppsala Architecture Research Team is regularly looking for talented, motivated students with an MS-level degree in computer science to join us. We expect students to have a solid grasp of architecture, performance, and parallel programming, a demonstrated ability to do research, as seen through their MS thesis, and fluent verbal and written English. We expect our students to do internationally-competitive research and publish at top venus.

Our PhD students are expected to work on their own individual projects, as well as contributing to other students' projects. Every week we have a group meeting in which each student gives a brief update of what they have been doing in the past week. This serves to make sure everyone can offer advice and avoid re-inventing the wheel. Each week a student also gives a 20 minute presentation of his or her own research. The format is designed to be interactive to both provide assistance and feedback on the research itself, as well as advice on how to do an academic presentation. Before students go off to present their work at conferences we expect them to hold one or two practice presentations for the group to get feedback. (For such practice presentations students are expected to provide the audience with cookies and coffee.)

What we Offer

To support our students the three senior researchers work as a team in advising and collaborate on most projects. We ensure access to cutting edge hardware and research resources through our own equipment and Uppsala's UPPMAX supercomputing center. Our students are encouraged to regularly attend international summer schools, participate in industrial internships, and advise MS students during their PhD.

Working in Sweden

Sweden is a fantastic place for living and working. Swedes are friendly and speak excellent English. The quality of life is high, with a strong emphasis on outdoor activities. The Swedish working climate emphasizes an open atmosphere, with active discussions involving both junior and senior staff.

As a PhD student you are regarded as a regular employee with a full salary, including a five weeks of paid holiday. Healthcare is free after a small co-pay and the university subsidizes athletic costs, such as a gym membership. The parental benefits in Sweden are among the best in the world, including extensive parental leave (for both parents), paid time off to care for sick children, and affordable daycare.

How to Apply

All available PhD positions are listed on the Uppsala University Job Site. If we do not currently have open positions listed then we do not have any positions at the moment. You can email us to ask when we are next likely to have an opening, but do not send us an application if we do not have a position listed. Instructions for applying are found in the application on the Uppsala University Job Site.

Candidates are expected to have an MS-level degree in computer science/systems with a good background in computer architecture and performance. We expect to see a draft or final version of your MS thesis (in English) to evaluate your research potential. Fluency in English (both verbal and written) is required and will be assessed both through your written application and a phone interview for promising candidates. The application should explicitly state why this area of research is of interest to the candidate and how his or her background is a good fit for the position and the research group. If you do not spend the time to understand what kind of research we do and motivate how you would be a good fit for our group, then you will most certainly not be offered a position.

The applicant should be highly self-motivated, able to work well in a diverse group, comfortable giving and receiving constructive criticism, and have strong abilities for critical thinking and structured work. These competencies are as important as the technical qualifications. The successful application will provide concrete examples demonstrating these competencies.

Please note that we receive around 100 applicants for each position we offer. It typically takes us around a month after an application deadline to process them. To make your application stand out you should clearly identify how your background is a good match for the open position and the group and make sure that your letters of recommendation specifically identify how you have excelled.

The department and our research group are striving to achieve a more equal gender balance and female candidates are particularly invited to apply!

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