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Department of Information Technology
Uppsala Architecture Research Team

StatCC Statistical Cache Contention Modeling

StatCC is a simple and efficient model for estimating the shared cache miss ratios of co-scheduled applications on architectures with a hierarchy of private and shared caches. StatCC leverages the StatStack cache model to estimate the co-scheduled applications´ cache miss ratios from their individual memory reuse distance distributions, and a simple performance model that estimates their CPIs based on the shared cache miss ratios. These methods are combined into a system of equations that explicitly models the CPIs in terms of the shared miss ratios and can be solved to determine both. The result is a fast algorithm with a 2% error across the SPEC CPU2006 benchmark suite compared to a simulated in-order processor and a hierarchy of private and shared caches.


Combining individual core reference streams to determine shared cache contention.

StatCC was selected as the best paper at HiPEAC 2011.

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