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Department of Information Technology

UpCERG - Uppsala Computing Education Research Group

What is Computing Education Research?

The research within computing education is aimed towards the study, the development, and the improvement of undergraduate education in computing and related fields through the use of rigorous research methods.

The goals are pragmatic: The students' learning of computing should become enhanced, their interest in the area encouraged, their study habits improved, the recruitment and the retention increased, as well as us becoming better at composing education programs.


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Arnold Pears selected to present a paper in the prestigeous main QUATIC track

Old News


7th CeTUSS workshop - Engineering Education: Reformation. September 30 - October 1, 2008. Sigtuna, Sweden

6th CeTUSS workshop - Engineering Education: Identity & Relevance. June 16-17, 2008. Sigtuna, Sweden

The Fifth CeTUSS & IEEE Nordic Education Society Chapter workshop October 18-19, 2007, with the themes of Disseminating scholarly teaching practice and Work life related skills and engineering education.

A workshop in computing education research will be held in Linköping, April 12. More information:2nd Workshop on Computer Science Education? (2007-01-10)

We co-organize a graduate course on qualitative methods in research.

Post-poned until spring 2007 "Is Engineering Hard to Learn?" SMEER, Karlstads Universitet, and CeTUSS, Uppsala Universitet organize a workhsop at Karlstad University. Call for papers and more information is available at . New dates will be announced.

A workshop with the theme "Perspectives on use of technology in education" will be held in Uppsala December 4-5. More information, including a call for ideas and in the context interesting persons: Perspectives on use of technology in education

The Sixth Baltic Sea Conference on Computing Education Research - Koli Calling will take place Nov 9 (evening) - Nov 12 (lunch) 2006 at Koli. Dead-line is passed. Anders Berglund will act as a Program Chair.

The Second International Workshop on Phenomenography in Computing Education Research - PhICER is organized Sept 11 - 12 in Kent, UK, directly after ICER 2006 - The Second International Computing Education Research Workshop. Anders Berglund and Anna Eckerdal are co-chairing the event. (2006-02-16)

The second CeTUSS course addressed the issue of how to investigate engineering education. Stepping Stones clear_15.gifJune 12-16, 2006 clear_15.gif Uppland, Sweden clear_15.gif

Two working groups WG2 - A Multi-national Academic Perspective on the Bologna Process and WG4 - Research Perspectives on the Objects-Early Debate at ITiCSE06 are co-organized by Arnold Pears and Anders Berglund respectivly. (2006-02-10)

A workshop in computing education research was held in Linköping, March 10. More information: Developing Computer Science Education - How Can It Be Done? (2006-02-10)

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