A Teleradiology System Design Case

Erik Borälv, Bengt Göransson

A Teleradiology System Design Case. Borälv E, Göransson B. Conference proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems 1997, pp. 27-30, ACM's Special Interest Group in Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI) in co-operation with the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIPWG 13.2), Amsterdam, 18-20 August 1997. ISBN 0-89791-863-0.


This paper describes the teleradiology application chili from the graphical user interface point of view. We present the most important design decisions taken during the con struction of the system and discuss different methods and techniques that affected the design process. Some non-standard design principles are presented, and the reasons behind them. Several of the basic gui constructions used in the chili application are somewhat similar to those seen in Sun's HotJava ViewsTM; the application lacks the traditional connection to the desktop metaphor and has instead a work task oriented approach.

Keywords: Design criteria, gui, teleradiology, work task, patterns.

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