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Department of Information Technology

Ethical Competence for Decision Makers and Organizations

The project started in fall of 2007. Our work is building on the assumption that ethical competence is defined by well-functioning ethical mental abilities, such as problem solving and decision making, and by group processes, such as organizational structures and procedures, independent of normative aspects. The project will result in tools and methods to promote and support ethical competence:

  • Interviews and questionnaires, especially digital, for testing, and mapping and evaluation
  • Methods to work with ethical guidelines and values
  • Training methods to increase the ethical competence of decision makers
  • Tools to support ethical decision making
  • A Micro World for ethical problem solving. Used for both assessment and stimulation of ethical competence

Read more about these tools on the Methods page.

The results from the project will contribute to the development of ethics as a subject, but also, through the ethical tools, to the practical applicability of ethics for decision makers in organizations and corporations.

Handelsbanken Research Fundings

The ETHCOMP project - ETHical COMPetence for decision makers and organizations - has in its entirety 2007-2010, funded by Handelsbanken Research Fundings: Jan Wallanders & Tom Hedelius Stiftelse and Tore Browaldhs Stiftelse. For more information, visit (in swedish).


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