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Department of Information Technology

About methods and tools


Together with our partner organizations we work with the below methods and tools.

Education for ethical competence

The participants train all aspects of ethical competence, e.g. ethical problem solving, argumentation and rule construction - applied on their own real moral problems. This method has been used with very positive results and is ready to use.

Personal support

The decision maker works together with an expert in ethical competence, who is supporting the analysis and structuring of the ethical decision-making process. This method is ready to use in urgent problem situations.

Organizational support

The organization cooperates with an expert in ethical competence when handling moral problem situations and crises or when constructing ethical rules and guidelines for the organization. This method is ready to use.

Ethical test, ECQ

Assessment of persons´ ethical competence. There are two versions of the ethical test: ECQ-WLB for the business world and ECQ-P for politics. The test is ready to be used for e.g. planning, evaluation, recruitment and selection.

Ethical Index, ETHIX

Assessment of the ethical competence of organizations. ETHIX is a survey for ethical inventory, mapping and follow-up in organizations. This tool is ready to be used.


IT system for ethical decision support. The decision maker works with the system to get support when analysing, structuring and reviewing ethical problem situations. ColLab and ETHXPERT have been applied and tested.

ETHICK, the ethical microworld

An ethical game where the player can simulate his or her own real-life ethical problem situations to virtually try out solutions. The tool is also valuable for assessing and training ethical competence. ETHICK is in development.

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