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Department of Information Technology

Ongoing research in the FTTS project

The research plan for 2009-2010 includes e.g.:

  • Traffic control in complex station areas
    • Using our previously developed control systems and interfaces the main lines and less complex station areas can be controlled. For more complex stations other principles and user interfaces will be needed. Prototypes are being developed and tested
  • Support and evaluation of more STEG implementations
    • According to Banverket's plans more STEG implementations will be made. We will contribute to these projects and evaluate the results
  • Communication between train drivers and traffic control centers
    • In order to fully utilize the benefits of the new systems for train traffic control the continuously updated traffic plans must be communicated to the train drivers. Also in the other direction, from the train drivers to the traffic control centres, there is a need for improved communication. The contents, techniques and presentation forms for this mutual communication and cooperation will be developed and tested
  • Programs for learning and training of traffic control professionals
    • We will investigate the need for development of organizational learning and training programs for traffic controllers. Exchange of information and experiences and development of common control strategies can improve competencies and efficiency in the control activities

The planned research work will be performed in close cooperation with Banverket, Swedish Rail Administration.
The project is financed through Banverket's R&D funding program.

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