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Department of Information Technology

Goodbye, Batteries! Networking Ambient Backscatter Tags

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to network backscatter tags. The key motivation is that backscatter communication decreases the amount of energy required for communication with several orders of magnitude which greatly facilitates the design of battery-free embedded devices (since they then only need very limited energy which in most cases can easily be harvested from the surrounding environment).
We have integrated backscatter tags into existing networks. Towards this end, we have selected the IEEE 802.15.4 standard since it is widely used in the realm of standard-based Internet of Things.


[2] Carlos Perez Penichet, Frederik Hermans, and Thiemo Voigt. “On Limits of Constructive Interference in Backscatter Systems”, Workshop on Internet of Energy Neutral Things (IOENT 2017), in conjunction with Global Internet of Things Summit (GIoTS), June 2017.

[3] Carlos Perez Penichet, Claro Node, Ambuj Varshney and Thiemo Voigt. “Poster Abstract: Augmenting WSNs with Interoperable 802.15.4 Sensor Tags”, ACM SenSys, Delft, the Netherlands, November 2017.

Source code

You may download source code (including hardware scheme for the backscatter tag) from

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