Technical Report 2001-004

High Order Numerical Simulation of Sound Generated by the Kirchhoff Vortex

Bernhard Müller and H.C. Yee

February 2001

An improved high order finite difference method for low Mach number computational aeroacoustics (CAA) is described. The improvements involve the conditioning of the Euler equations to minimize numerical cancellation errors, and the use of a stable non-dissipative sixth-order central spatial interior scheme and a third-order boundary scheme. Spurious high frequency oscillations are damped by a third-order characteristic-based filter. The objective of this paper is to apply these improvements in the simulation of sound generated by the Kirchhoff vortex.

Note: Published as RIACS Technical Report 01.02, Jan. 2001, NASA Ames Research Center, and submitted to Computing and Visualization in Science

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