Technical Report 2005-032

Efficient IT support in care for the elderly - Experiences from the VIHO project

Niklas Johansson and Bengt Sandblad

November 2005

The main research objective for the VIHO project (Efficient Computer Support in Care for the Elderly) was to investigate how a home care and help service organization can be developed in order to be better prepared for future challenges, and how new technical systems could support the development process. We have studied the home help personnel’s need for support and investigated how the new organization could be formed in order to provide a healthy and sustainable work. Initial focus has been on the essential parts of the work and how the work could be improved in the future, and not on design of the technical support systems. Our basic point of view has been that correctly used, new technology can contribute, so that work and organisation develops in a positive way, patients are feeling sequre and the personnel’s work environment is improved. This means that the organisation better can fulfil expectations and requirements. The professions can be strengthened and the organisation will be able to meet future challanges. In this report we briefly describe the results and the methods used in the project.

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