Technical Report 2006-012

Uppsala Underdogs - A Robot Soccer Project

Marianne Ahlford, Martin Andersson, Hanna Blomquist, Magnus Ekström, Lars Ericsson, Johannes Gumbel, Anna Holmgren, Petter Holmberg, Leonard Kia, Anton Lindström, Magnus Lyrberg, Shaman Mahmoudi, Bengt Nolin, Jesper Sundien, Henrik Wallentin, Olle Gällmo, Anders Hessel, Leonid Mokrushin, and Paul Pettersson

March 2006

In this paper, we describe the four-legged soccer team Uppsala Underdogs developed by a group of 4th year computer science students at Uppsala University during the fall of 2004. The project is based on the experience from two similar previous projects. This year the emphasis of the project has been on distribution of data and on support for evaluation and reconfiguration of strategies. To support data distribution, a middleware has been developed, which implements a replication algorithm and provides a clean interface for the other software modules (or behaviors). To enable easy reconfiguration of strategies, an automata-based graphical description language has been developed, which can be compiled into code that uses the database and the lower level modules, such as tactics and positioning, to make decisions and control the robot. In addition, a graphical simulator has been developed in which the strategies can be evaluated.

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