Technical Report 2007-034

PixelActiveSurface: A Tabletop Rear-Projection Display for Collaboration with Pixel-Accurate Interaction

Stefan Seipel and Lars Winkler Pettersson

December 2007

The use of table-top displays as working environment provides a very natural way to present and interact with information. In particular when several users intend an unhindered face-to-face dialogue, horizontal displays have been introduced as efficient tools for collaborative work in shared physical spaces. Many of the hardware systems presented so far are composed of several independent and technically often clumsy components for the display and for tracking of users' head positions or gestures, respectively. This hampers, in practice, easy operation and a more widespread use of table-top displays in real working environments. In this paper, we present our technical solution for a fully integrated, small sized table-top visualization environment that provides head position tracking for two collaborating users, stereoscopic projection and high resolution multi-point screen interaction. Our solution is intended as a self-contained out-of-the-box system that is affordable and easy to use. The real novelty with our technique presented in this paper is, however, that we succeeded in combining high resolution and multi-point pen-based interaction technology based on optical pattern recognition with a rear-projection screen, which opens up for a wider field of applications not only limited to tabletop display environments.

Note: Extended abstract appeared in ACM Conference on Supporting Group Work (GROUP'07).

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