Uppsala University Department of Information Technology

Technical Report 2009-003

A Search-based Network Architecture for Mobile Devices

Erik Nordström, Per Gunningberg, and Christian Rohner

January 2009


This paper presents the Haggle network architecture and experimental measurements of its performance in a realistic environment. Haggle provides a search-based data dissemination framework for mobile opportunistic communication environments, making it easy to share content directly between intermittently connected mobile devices.

Haggle's novel approach is based on its identification of search as a first class operation for data-centric applications. We show how search can be used for resolution (mapping data to interested receivers) and prioritization of sending and receiving data during encounters between nodes. Haggle provides underlying functionality for neighbor discovery, resource management and resolution - thus removing the need to implement such features in applications.

Haggle has been implemented for several platforms. This paper presents experimental results, the most interesting of which demonstrates the live operation of Haggle on mobile phones in an office environment.

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