Technical Report 2011-010

Control of Aeration Systems in Activated Sludge Plants - a review

Linda Åmand

April 2011

This review attempts to summarise and categorise research performed within the field of control of continuous aeration systems in municipal wastewater treatment plants over the last ten years. The review covers research into various methods to both decide and track the dissolved oxygen set-point but also the control of the total aerated volume. With respect to dissolved oxygen set-point control and determination, the strategies used for control span from modifications and developments of simple control methods that have been explored since the 1970's, to advanced control such as model-based predictive and feedback controllers. Also, fuzzy logic control has gained more interest in the control of continuous processes and is utilised both in the context of deciding and tracking set-points, but also to control the total aerobic volume. The review is supplemented by a discussion on what level of complexity is required for an aeration control system together with a summary of comparisons between control strategies evaluated in full-scale, pilot scale and in simulations.

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