Uppsala University Department of Information Technology

Technical Report 2013-016

Optimal Diagonal-Norm SBP Operators

Ken Mattsson, Martin Almquist, and Mark H. Carpenter

September 2013

Optimal boundary closures are derived for first derivative, finite difference operators of order 2, 4, 6 and 8. The closures are based on a diagonal-norm summation-by-parts (SBP) framework, thereby guaranteeing linear stability on piecewise curvilinear multi-block grids and entropy stability for nonlinear equations that support a convex extension. The new closures are developed by enriching conventional approaches with additional boundary closure stencils and non-equidistant grid distributions at the domain boundaries. Greatly improved accuracy is achieved near the boundaries, as compared with traditional diagonal norm operators of the same order. The superior accuracy of the new optimal diagonal-norm SBP operators is demonstrated for linear hyperbolic systems in one dimension and for the nonlinear compressible Euler equations in two dimensions.

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