Technical Report 2016-011

Diagonal-Norm Upwind SBP Operators

Ken Mattsson

June 2016

High-order accurate first derivative finite difference operators are derived that naturally introduce artificial dissipation. The boundary closures are based on the diagonal-norm summation-by-parts (SBP) framework and the boundary conditions are imposed using a penalty (SAT) technique, to guarantee linear stability for a large class of initial boundary value problems. These novel first derivative SBP operators have a non-central difference stencil in the interior, and come in pairs (for each order of accuracy). The resulting SBP-SAT approximations lead to fully explicit ODE systems. The accuracy and stability properties are demonstrated for linear first- and second-order hyperbolic problems in 1D, and for the compressible Euler equations in 2D. The newly derived first derivative SBP operators lead to significantly more robust and accurate numerical approximations, compared with the usage of (previously derived) central difference first derivative SBP operators.

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