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Technical Report 2024-001

Supplement - Capital in Computing Education: Investigating Factors Underlying Participation

Thom Kunkeler and Aletta Nylén

March 2024


This document provides the supplementing material for the following publica- tion:

Thom Kunkeler and Aletta Nylén. Capital in Computing Education: Investigating Factors Underlying Participation. 2024. In Proceedings of the 2024 Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (Milan, Italy, 2024-07-08) (ITiCSE'24).

In this publication, we developed a validated survey instrument to measure capital in computing education. Capital refers to the legitimate, valuable and exchangeable resources that individuals use to generate social advantage within specific fields. In computing education, a theoretical model has been developed highlighting the forms of capital which influence participation and success in the field. This study assessed the theoretical model through careful survey design and Confirmatory Factor Analaysis (CFA). The hypothesised survey structure was assessed in terms of model fit to the observed data, and adjusted to achieve a survey with high internal consistency among the items and factors (robust: X2p = 0.119; CFI/TLI = 0.97/0.95; RMSEA = 0.06, SRMR = 0.041).

This document contains a detailed presentation of the pre- and post-validated survey instrument, in addition to the factor analysis diagram.

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