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Department of Information Technology

Practical details for authors


We will be in a lecture hall featuring blackboards, OH projector and a computer projector. Please do not rely on network access throughout the presentation. Each presentation will be given 20 minutes.

Posters and Demos

Each accepted demo will get a guest account for the local wireless network. This account requires a web-based login and will give you a public IP that can be used throughout the demo. Each demo will also get a table and access to an electrical outlet.

Each accepted demo and poster will also get a poster stand sized 78x190 cm for putting up material on.

Practical details for all participants

Wireless network

We are not planning to provide access to the WiFi network for all conference participants, but each demo group will get one guest account. If you are working at a european university participating in the eduroam network, that is available at the conference venue.

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