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Department of Information Technology

SNCNW'09 and AdHoc'09 -- Program & Venue


All technical sessions are taking place in Sal X and Sal IV in the main university building.

Monday May 4:th
09:30 Registration and coffee
10:00 Introduction/Welcome (Sal X)
10.15 Keynote: Staffan Pagnell, .SE (Sal X)
11:30 Parallel sessions:

Session 1a (SNCNW) -- Sal X
Statistical Protocol IDentification with SPID: Preliminary Results, Erik Hjelmvik, Wolfgang John
Modeling of VAD-Influenced VoIP Traffic, Stanislav Belenki
Open-source routing at 10Gb/s; Olof Hagsand, Robert Olsson, Bengt Görden
Session 1b (Ad Hoc) -- Sal IV
Effect of Packet Aggregation in Wireless Mesh Networks: Analyzing TCP performance, Jonas Karlsson, Andreas J. Kassler, Anna Brunström
Minimizing DHT routing stretch in MANETs. Marcel Castro, Raphaël Kummer, Gabriel Kliot, Andreas J. Kassler, Roy Friedman, Pascal Felber, Peter Kropf
Using cooperative transmission in wireless multihop networks, Liping Wang, Viktoria Fodor

12:45 Lunch (Fugu)
14.15 Parallel sessions:

Session 2a (SNCNW) -- Sal X
Daedalus: A media agnostic peer-to-peer, Andreas Strikos, Athanasios Makris, Gerald (Chip) Maguire
Traffic analysis in the TRAMMS project, Andreas Aurelius, Christina Lagerstedt, Maria Kihl, Marcell Perényi, Iñigo Sedano, Felipe Mata
Session 2b (Ad Hoc) -- Sal IV
Multipoint relay flooding with network coding, Anders Hansson, Wanning Zhu
Towards Component Based Design of Dependable Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks: Modeling of MAC Protocols, Laurynas Riliskis, Evgeny Osipov

15.00 Coffee + Poster/Demo session (Foyer)

  1. Traffic Load Analysis in Large-Scale and Dense Wireless Sensor Networks; Qinghua Wang; Tingting Zhang
  2. Simulating Multihoming Wireless Node in NS-2; Qinghua Wang; Tingting Zhang
  3. Evaluation of BART for measuring available bandwidth in an industrial application; Martin Nilsson; Andreas Johnsson; Peter Brander
  4. Directional Antennas for Wireless Sensor Networks; Martin Nilsson
  5. OpenDNSSEC - An open source server side implementation of DNSSEC; Rickard Bondesson
  6. Support for repeatable mobility in a nomadic wireless testbed; Olof Rensfelt; Lars-Åke Larzon; Per Gunningberg; Christofer Ferm; Frederik Hermans
  7. Modeling Predictability and Connectedness in a Command and Control System; Thabotharan Kathiravelu
  8. Traffic Measurement and Control in Wireless Body Sensor Networks; Thomas Lindh; Ibrahim Orhan
  9. Application Usage on Different Internet Access Technologies; Jens Andersson; Andreas Aurelius; Tomas Bonnedahl; Stefan Höst; Maria Kihl
  10. P2P-Next: Technical and Legal Challenges; Raul Jimenez
  11. A Measurement Study on IKEv2 Authentication Performance in Wireless Networks; Zoltán Faigl; Stefan Lindskog; Anna Brunstrom
  12. Site to Site VPN Technologies: A Survey; Adil Razzaq
  13. Lightweight IP: A mobility-aware secured L3 protocol; Sumanta Saha
  1. KAUMesh Demo; Peter Dely; Andreas J. Kassler
  2. Demonstration of Wyner-Ziv Video Compression in a Wireless Camera Sensor Network; Johannes Karlsson; Jean-Paul Kouma; Haibo Li; Tim Wark; Peter Corke
  3. SENSEI - a nomadic testbed with support for mobility; Olof Rensfelt; Lars-Åke Larzon; Christofer Ferm; Frederik Hermans; Per Gunningberg
  4. Joint entropy analysis model for DDoS attack detection; Hamza Rahmani
  5. A Software Radio-Empowered Sensor Network; Thiemo Voigt; Yafei Li; Zhitao He
  6. Search-Based Picture Sharing With Mobile Phones; Erik Nordström, Daniel Aldman, Fredrik Bjurefors, Christian Rohner

18:30 -- 23:00: Boat trip to Skokloster castle incl. conference dinner on the boat. Information about boat departure location can be found on the map.

Tuesday 5 May

09:15 Keynote: Thomas Clausen, Ecole Polytechnique (Sal X)
10:30 Joint session 3 (Sal X):

The legal/regulatory/technological environment and its significance for the efficient distribution of and ubiquitous access to digital content, Roger Wallis, Lars-Erik Eriksson
Improving TCP Performance in 802.11 Wireless LANs with Layer 2 and 3 Mechanisms, Martin Heusse, Guillaume Urvoy-Keller, Andrzej Duda

11.15 Coffee
11.45 Parallel sessions:

Session 4a (SNCNW) -- Sal X
Network Size Estimation in Structured Overlay Networks, Tallat Shafaat, Ali Ghodsi, Seif Haridi
Managing cross layer information in OMNeT++ network simulations, Laura Feeney
A study of the message complexity for integrity preserving aggregation schemes used in wireless sensor networks, Ioana Rodhe, Christian Rohner
Session 4b (Ad Hoc) -- Sal IV
On Robustness of STDMA Scheduling to Topological Changes in Multi-hop Wireless Networks, Oscar Somarriba Jarquin, Jens Zander
Towards Realistic Mobility Modelling for Mobile Opportunistic Communications, Olafur Helgason, Vladimir Vukadinovic, Gunnar Karlsson
Secure and Self-Stabilizing Clock Synchronization in Sensor Networks, Jaap-Henk Hoepman, Andreas Larsson, Elad Schiller, Philippas Tsigas

12.45 Lunch (Café Alma)
14.15 Joint session 5 -- Sal X

Message-Based Traffic Control in SCTP, Per Hurtig, Anna Brunström
Distributed Spectrum Sensing for Opportunistic and Cognitive Spectrum Access, Ioannis Glaropoulos, Viktoria Fodor
A P2PSIP event notification architecture, Georgios Panagiotou, Alisa Devlic

15.30 Closing remark (Sal X)
15.45 Coffee/End


SNCNW'09 and AdHoc'09 will be held at the main University Building of Uppsala University. See the travel information for a map of the area.

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