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Department of Information Technology

Deep Learning - Projects

After the main 5hp course you are encouraged to carry out a project (preferably 1-4 participants in each team), although it is not mandatory. The projects must include real data. The main purpose of these projects is to provide the opportunity to learn more about concepts relevant to the course and for successfully doing this you will get payed 3hp. Some of the projects usually produce fruitful ideas/starting points for new research directions.

Time table
June 10 Project proposals are due. Submit via the student portal.
June 12 Project proposal presentations
September 15 Final reports are due. Submit via the student portal.
September 17 Final project presentations using posters. Time: 10:30-12:00, Room: ITC:4308

Brief description of the steps mentioned above.
Project Proposal: The report should explain the project background, the data set, the idea and how the work will be carried out. Upper page limit: 3. For the presentation, each team has 5-10 minutes for presentation and discussion.
Final Report: Final project report, clearly explains what has been accomplished within the project. The data set used should also be properly introduced. Upper page limit: 6.
Final Presentation: The projects will be presented in a poster session.


  • In the student portal, under Deep learning project -> Group registration, sign up for a group. Make sure that all team members sign up for this group. If you are only one person doing the project, you still have to sign up for a group (with only yourself in it).
  • After all team members in the group have signed up, the two items "Project proposal" and "Project report" will become visible. This is where you submit your proposal and later your report.
  • If you are not employed at Uppsala University (MSc students and external PhD students), submit your proposal/report per email to Niklas Wahlström with the pdf file of your proposal/report. Name the file [first name]-[surname]-project-[x].pdf, for example Niklas-Wahlstrom-project-proposal.pdf.
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