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Department of Information Technology

UPMARC Posters

Presented in reversed chronological order. Recent posters, from year 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.
Click on poster image for a readable and larger pdf version.


Application performance

Presented at UPMARC Summer school and Multicore day i Kista 2012

Correctness and Concurrency

Formal Verification within UPMARC
Presented @ the Multicore Day at SICS, 2012

Efficiency and Predictability

PowerSlueth: A Tool for Investigating your Program's Power Behavior - Per-phase power analysis and modeling.

Bandwidth Bandit: Understanding Memory Contention - Quantitative measurement of shared bandwidth sensitivity.

Phase Guided Profiling for Fast Cache Modeling - Using phase information to efficiently and accurately model cache behavior.

Fast and Accurate Modeling of Instruction Caches Using Instruction Reuse Profiles - Low-overhead modeling of instruction cache behavior.

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