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Department of Information Technology

Integrated virtualization: the silver bullet for future multi-core computing systems?


Koen De Bosschere

Koen De Bosschere is research professor at the Engineering School of Ghent University, Belgium. He is co-author of over 200 research publications, and advised 15 PhD students. His current research interests are virtualization technology, binary translation and global optimization. Since 2008, he is the coordinator HiPEAC, the FP7 European Network of Excellent on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation. He is coordinating the virtualization research activities for the HiPEAC network, and he is also organizing the yearly ACACES summer school for the network.

Date and Time

Thursday, February 11th, 2010 at 13.15


Polacksbaken, room 1146


System virtualization was invented by IBM in the sixties, and has been reinvented by VMware in the nineties. Process virtualization has been popularized by SUN and Microsoft with the Java virtual Machine and the .NET framework. It is now common to run applications on top of 2 or 3 virtual machines, creating inefficiencies, duplicating services, and even causing security problems. Carefully reconsidering the complete software stack holds the promise for more efficient, easier to manage and more secure systems based on an integrated virtualization solution. Such an integrated solution might in the future revolutionize the way we think about systems, how we manage the system resources, how we develop applications, etc. It holds the promise of portable performance on a wide variety of hardware platforms, manageable security, adaptive computation, effective power management, ...

The talk will present the latest insights in the role of integrated virtualization in systems ranging from server farms to cell phones. It is the synthesis of several meetings on the topic (Dagstuhl seminar, EU Consultation meeting, Several HiPEAC brainstorming session, contacts with major industrial players in the computing systems area).

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