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Department of Information Technology

Aspects of Value-Based and Strategic Software and Systems Engineering Research


Anca-Juliana Stoica, Senior member IEEE, Visiting professor at CSD.

Date and Time

Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 10:30


Polacksbacken, room 2146


In the first part of the presentation, interdisciplinary approaches to traditional software engineering, such as value-based software engineering and strategic software engineering, are discussed. The motivation is the emergent need for developing foundations for software engineering that account for value in economics-driven contexts in which most system development and evolution occurs, and link important technical and economic decision-making criteria.

The second part of the talk is dedicated to some of the first frameworks related to value-based software engineering namely: Model Systems (MS) and the Decisional Framework (DF). DF is a dynamic predictive meta-model for the software and system development decision making viewed as a value-added process in face of an uncertain world. Computational examples illustrate the concept.
The last part of the presentation is dedicated to a case study, a communication system for large scale public events as a particular case of applying value-based software and system integration of process model, dependability analysis, and early architectural concepts.

About the Speaker

Dr. Anca-Juliana Stoica is visiting faculty at Uppsala University, IT Department. She worked from 2000- 2010 as senior lecturer in Software and System Engineering; Computer and System Sciences at the Royal Institute of Technology/Stockholm University (KTH/SU), Stockholm, Sweden. From 1993 to 1999 she worked as a researcher and senior lecturer at the Uppsala University, Sweden. Her research areas were: system analysis (simulation, optimization, mathematical programming), business modeling, and software engineering. She also taught fundamental courses in computer science such as: compiler theory, theory of computer systems, operating systems and system programming, fundamentals of database systems, software engineering, analytical methods in software engineering economics. During fall 1999, Anca was visiting faculty at Stanford University, Department of Computer Science, where she was involved in research and teaching a graduate course in software engineering: processes and tools for large-scale software development. Anca’s current research interests include value-based software and system engineering, formal methods for reasoning and decision making, frameworks for software development and management. At KTH she developed courses in software engineering such as: IT project management, methods, and tools, value-based software engineering, software engineering and security architecture, and she was academic supervisor of degree theses and projects. In November 2000, she was elected as a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

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