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Department of Information Technology

Task Scheduling using Joelle's Effects

Date and Time

Monday, February 11th, 2013 at 13:15.


Polacksbacken, room 1145


I will present the design and implementation of a library for runtime-scheduling messages in parallel. This library is the future backend of Joelle, an extension of Java for parallel programming. Joelle uses active objects to implement parallelism. Active objects conceptually contain a thread and communicate with each other through asynchronous method calls. Joelle allows a programmer to partition active objects in disjoint regions and to annotate methods with which regions they touch, their effects. Active objects in Joelle use eff ects to allow method calls with disjoint effects to run in parallel. To support this feature, we develop a novel data structure for mailboxes that guarantees race-free parallelism.

A good intro

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