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Department of Information Technology

Master Programmes

Orientation regarding the start of the programme autumn 2017 (a very preliminary programme)

Computer Science

The aim of the Master Programme in Computer Science is to provide a broad education, emphasizing knowledge and analytical skills that have a long lasting value. The curriculum focuses on problem solving and general principles, rather than on particular programming languages or hardware platforms. The programme prepares you for an internationalized, highly qualified labor market in industry or research.

The programme offers a broad selection of courses in computer science. You can create your own specialization by combining courses individually. Most of the courses combine theory with practical exercises of implementation and verification. Course selection depends on your background know­ledge and your personal interests. By selecting the appropriate courses you can specialize in several different areas of computer science. You select your courses in dialogue with the academic staff and you can always ask questions or discuss with your teachers.

Study Path

You can select courses from the following subfields in computer science:

  • Programming languages
  • Software engineering
  • Computer networks
  • Databases
  • Data mining
  • Algorithms
  • Real time systems
  • Computer architecture
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Human computer interaction.

See Programme outline for more

Your Future

The demand for skills in the computer science field is high and will grow, as a result of the computerization of society. Most of our students are working in the commercial IT sector as project managers or consultants in advanced product development or applied research, participating in the development of future products.

Some students start their own businesses to develop ideas they had during training. The programme is also a good preparation for doctoral studies. The labor market is highly qualified and international.

See Careers for more

Admission Requirements

Note: The requirements here also apply to the Sino-Swedish master programme in computer science and software engineering.

Applicants must have a bachelor degree, equivalent to a Swedish degree of at least 180 credits, (i.e. three years of full-time studies) including at least 90 credits in Computer Science: Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, and at least 30 credits in Mathematics.

If you have not finished your BSc when you apply, you can get admitted on condition that you show your degree at arrival in Uppsala.

Available Scholarships

Information about scholarships can be found here


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