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Life at UU

Student Union

The Student Union is responsible for the welfare of the students by dealing with educational, financial, health care, housing and recreational matters, etc. It is not compulsory to join it.

Student Nations


The thirteen Student Nations are clubs dating back to the 17th century. Each nation bears the name of a certain region in Sweden and historically it was a club for students from that region. As a foreign student you are free to choose which nation you want to join. Joining a nation helps you experience the perfect student life.


Work out, climb and play sports at Campus1477

Student Nations also have sports clubs, for more information visit their websites.

The Student Health Center provides health care for university students in Uppsala and appointments can be made with doctors, nurses, psychologists and counsellors.

Note: There is no insurance for students in the Master programme. However, all the students who are accepted for more than a year have the right to apply for a personal number (civic registration number) from the tax authorities. That gives you the right to medical care and medicine on the same conditions as for Swedish citizens.

Important Links

Student Union
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Campus 1477
Studio K (Learn to Dance)

Nobel Events

Every year Nobel laureates visit Uppsala University to hold open lectures (more details) that are free for students and teachers to attend.

Uppsala University scientists have won a total of eight Nobel Prizes and this has helped make the University known throughout the world.


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