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Department of Information Technology

Practical Matters

Welcome to the Department of Information Technology. Here is some useful information regarding your studies.

Useful information from Disciplinary Domain of Science and Thechnology: New student

Before Arrival

Uppsala University will welcome you! Read more here.
Have a look at International Student Guide



Finding somewhere to live in Uppsala can take time. It is your responsibility to find somewhere to stay. We cannot offer any support in finding housing.

Most housing information is available online. There are many options including housing through companies, the nations and second hand rental. For more information visit Uppsala University Housing and Uppsala Student Union.

Heimstaden | Dombron | Studentboet | UppsalaHem

Travel to Sweden

The academic year starts around on approx August 20 with a compulsory meeting. The meeting takes place at our campus (see the maps). If you have difficulties to arrive by then, please contact your coach well in advance, stating the exact reason for your delay, and when you plan to arrive.

Arrival in Uppsala

  • There are some airports in the region. The large international airport is Stockholm - Arlanda, situated between Stockholm and Uppsala. If you can, we recommend that you arrive to Arlanda. From Arlanda you can take the bus or the train. Another possibility is to arrive at Västerås airport. You should try to avoid arriving at Skavsta, since this airport is far away.
  • You need a valid passport for entry into Sweden. In most cases a visa is also required for studying. We cannot help in any way with any travel documents. Instead, please contact the Swedish Migration Board or a Swedish consulate. Unfortunately, getting a visa might take a rather long time. It is thus advisable to apply for a visa as soon as possible.

SJ Trains | Local Buses | National Buses

After Arrival

Academic Concerns

Don't forget to get your welcoming package from the university at your arrival. It containis hints about what to do, and what not to do in Sweden and even includes a free SIM card for your convenience.

  • The choice of courses is made by you and your coach. To the first meeting with your coach, we would like you to bring a list of courses taught in English that you are interested in, mapped to our study periods. Select at least three courses per study period, so that you and your coach have a certain degree of flexibility. The courses at the master programme are getting more popular and have an increasing number of applicants. We need to know how many students will attend a course to make sure that, for example, the room is big enough and that there are enough lab assistants. Please, do not attend any course without the agreement of your coach, you will not be registered. See course list for the autumn 2015.

Blusenhus 001 vt12 DG.jpg

Note: You are more independent in Sweden than in most academic systems in the world. No-one will check your result during the semester. As said above, you have to take a large responsibility for your the choice of courses, that you make the labs, etc. There is no compulsory attendance on lectures (but frequently on labs - check!). Our system demands a great degree of maturity - you are responsible for your own results. If, at any moment, you hesitate about anything, check with your coach. We are here to assist you. In other words: You are your own manager in Uppsala and have, yourself, the full responsibility for your results.

Chinese Student and Scholar Association in Uppsala

Student Network

It is advisable to sign up for the Uppsala University student network as soon as you arrive. All communication and study details like courses, registration and schedules are available through the Studentportalen.

Many of the student's rooms are connected to the UpUnet, which gives you an opportunity to log in and use the broadband for free.

UpUnet-S(Student Network)|Studentportalen
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