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Department of Information Technology

Master Programmes

Sino Swedish Master Programme in Computer Science and Software Engineering

The Sino-Swedish master programme in computer science and software engineering programme is offered jointly by world class universities Uppsala University and the National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan. You will study one year at each of the universities and will get a master degree from both universities. Both universities teach in English.

You will meet the research fronts of both these universities, and will thus get a unique profile on your education. Uppsala University is more focused on the theoretical aspects of computer science, while NTNU University has its strength in applications. You can also take courses on cultural aspects, such as language (particularly Chinese) or intercultural relationships. You can create your own specialization by combining courses individually.

Moreover, you will study in two cultures, and will thus learn to understand different ways of thinking.

Study Path

Year Course Content Location
1 We offer you a wide range of courses in computer science. All students can create their own specialisation by individually combining courses, in dialog with student counsellors and teachers. Most courses integrate theory with practical exercises. By selecting suitable courses, you can become specialised in different areas of computer science. The second semester can be the exchange semester. Uppsala
2 Exchange semester (30 credits) followed by master thesis (30 credits) Taipei

Your Future

  • You will learn from two of the best universities in different cultures.
  • You will, during your studies, live in different cultures, and will thus create networks over the globe.
  • The programme leads to a double master degree, that is, you will get one degree from each country.
  • You get in contact with the labour market in both Taiwan and Sweden.
  • The programme opens for an international career.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a B.Sc. (180 credit points) in computer science.

  • At least 30 credits in mathematics, including
    • algebra,
    • calculus,
    • statistics.
  • At least 90 credits in computer science, including
    • programming,
    • algorithms and data structures,
    • computer architecture,
    • operating systems.


Note: citizens of the Tawain are strongly recommended to apply through NTNU.

For more information concering admission in China, mail to Yao-Hua Ho NTNU.

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