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Department of Information Technology

Login help

For some function on the IT web, e.g. to edit pages, you have to log in, i.e. identify yourself using a name and a password. Most of the time, the standard UU web login is used.

Depending on the security settings of the web page you are accessing, the login page supports different login directories.

  • IT directory: Everyone who is in the IT department directory can log in.
  • UU directory: Employees at other parts of Uppsala University can log in.
  • Student directory: Students with an UpUnet-S identity can log in, unless that have a confidential email address.
  • "Anonymous" user id: certain pages can be accessed using a predefined un-personal user id (up to 8 characters).

On the login page you may find the following fields:

  • For anonymous users, type the userid you received from the person responsible for the page.

You can also type the email address registered in the directories.


For anonymous user ids, contact the person responsible for the page you are trying to access (not the person responsible for the login page!).

Your login lasts as long as your web browser is running, or maximum 12 hours after the login data was last used. If you restart your browser, you must log in again. (Modern web browsers can save your name and password for you.)

Updated  2016-11-28 14:39:44 by Björn Victor.